Hestia Cruises   Sailing Your Way!
Frequently Asked Questions

1. May I bring a small child?
This type of cruise on Boston Harbor is mostly an adult activity. We occasionally have families or a single parent and child. We provide adult life jackets only. ALL guests must fit properly in an adult life jacket provided or bring your own child size life jacket. Children must be 7 years or older and must stay in the assigned seat. For the safety of all passengers allowing a child onboard is the sole decision of the Captain.

2. I noticed sometimes you have a dog on board, may I bring my pet?
No. Ensign is the resident boat dog / co-captain sailing with Capt Todd aboard the sailboat s/v Hestia. She is very well behaved. Often she will sit and sail her ears. She's the only full-time crew. She is not good with other dogs onboard.

3. What if it rains or bad weather?
Please review our complete Weather Policy

4. If I purchase a certain number of vouchers may I reserve the whole boat?
For the sailing vessel and the RIB Adventure tours, Vouchers for 6 people may reserve the whole boat.  For the Full Moon, Vouchers for 30 people may reserve the whole boat.  Check the Schedule to find a cruise with sufficient seats available.

5. Is fishing permited?

6. How far do you go? Do you sail in the Charles River?
This is an ocean sail. We sail from Boston. Depending on the wind and weather we may go out around the first island. We sometimes cruise to Charlestown and view Old Ironsides. We don't sail in the Charles River.

5. I would like to go on the sailing cruise but don't know anything about sailing, will we be out of place?
No sailing knowledge is needed. You are welcome to sit back and relax or pull on a line or crank on winch with direction from the Captain.

Reservation Related FAQs

1. What does it mean, minimum X passengers must be booked?
You may create a reservation for this cruise for any number of people up to the maximum available. However, if at 48 hours before the scheduled cruise time, the minumum passenger number has not been met, the cruise scheduled for that day will be cancelled, and you will be notified by email to select a new cruise from those showing availability on the Schedule. Your payment will be applied to this new reservation with no additional fees. Encouraging others to book the same scheduled cruise may help ensure that the minimum is met for the cruise time you want.

2. What does it mean, minimum X passengers to make the first reservation?
You may not make a reservation for this cruise for fewer than the minimum passengers specified, until after a group of at least that many passengers has made the first reservation.  This is an ideal choice for events and special occasions (birthdays or big groups) when you want to book for a group of at least the minimum specified.  After the first reservation minimum is met by the initial group, additional couples, either related to the initial group or not, may make reservations up to the total available.  Please note: if you want to reserve the whole boat for only your guests, make a reservation for the total seats available.

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