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Foul Weather Policy

Please feel at ease as you read through the foul weather policy. Safety and comfort is a top priority. Our goal is a pleasant memorable cruise.

You may think of the foul weather policy much like a Baseball game. We will cancel and reschedule for a total rain-out but we can also "play through" some bad weather and rain. The captain's priority is for safety and comfort of the passengers. We are happy to reschedule when it becomes necessary. Generally smaller open vessels and sailboats are more likely to cancel due to weather than larger motor vessels with protected passenger areas.

First, don't panic! It's impossible to tell if it will be bad weather two days in advance. We monitor the marine weather and local radar closely but a final decision to cancel can only be made at the time of the cruise. If the day is a total rain out we may, at the Captain's discretion, cancel and reschedule. You will receive a call as soon as it is practicable if the decision is made to cancel. If the radar is showing rain and thunder/lightning throughout the area, and  anticipated for the start time, you may look for a call approximately one hour before the boarding time.

As you plan for your cruise, you should come prepared for any weather. You may want an extra coat or warmer clothes than you might need on land. You should be prepared for any rain or foul weather. A light rain jacket and rain pants is good in the event of rain during the cruise. There is no protection from the elements on smaller open vessels and sailboats. Rain can be unpredictable and it's much more comfortable to have rain gear available if we get out on the water and it starts raining.

If a reschedule due to weather becomes necessary, we will cancel and give you (the guest) opportunity to reschedule at your convenience. You may check our availability online for a reschedule date.

As well there are additional dates and times not currently listed that may become available for rescheduling.

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